DJ Tony, Your Party Perfectionist That Helps You Make Your Memories With Music.

Tony has always had a passion for music; even at a very young age he would pretend was in a band or a disk jockey on the radio.  As he got older he loved to be the one in control of the music, whether it was in the car, at the house, or elsewhere.

Later as an adult Tony got involved with a friend and they tried to put together a band however it never happened, although he did continue to enjoy singing and checking out different karaoke nights in the area.  This eventually led to learning about Open Jams where he could sing with a real “live” band.  While at one of these jams Tony met an awesome guy named Jim Fishback (Fish), Jim has been a DJ in the radio industry since the age of 14

Fast forward, Tony began hanging out with Jim and helped out on gigs including some weddings, basically “interning” under DJ Fish, and Tony is proud to say that he is “Professionally Trained by the one and only DJ Fish” (Facebook@stldjfish)

After learning many skills, Tony began testing his DJ skills at various party’s around the house and this led to some gigs at bars and then moved up to weddings and other events.

Here at DJ Tony, we strive to make your event as stress free as possible. We want you to enjoy yourself while we handle your timeline, announcements, music (of course), and whatever we can to make your event memorable, after all we are The Party Perfectionist that Makes Memories with Music.